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Why ‘Made In’ Matters

For Hard Tail Forever, the ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ is as much a part of the brand as the 100 + shades of tie dye that are infused into every thread. Born out of his patriotic roots, Dick Cantrell wanted a brand that stood for what he believed in, true blue, in every shade. From the name ‘Hard Tail’ which stems from a phrase coined during his years as an Air Force Captain, to his dedication in sourcing locally manufactured products and materials, he has succeeded in doing just that.

So why exactly does ‘Made in the USA’ matter?

For products made in the USA, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride. It gives us a common understanding about the product; its quality, safety and consistency. It’s supporting the American Dream!

As it continues to become the norm for companies outsource manufacturing abroad, the overhead may go down but the negative impact skyrockets.

In choosing to locally source manufacturing and materials, American Made brands are able to bring jobs home and support local economies. If we spent just 1% more on American goods it would create an estimated 200,000 more jobs.

Let’s not forget sustainability. American manufacturers are held to stricter government regulations for reducing pollution, compared to most of the top countries manufacturing products bound for the U.S market. Not only can we lessen the carbon footprint by reducing the amount of emissions required to export to the U.S but we ensure the safety of products and workers.

‘Made in’ does and always will matter to Hard Tail Forever and will continue to influence the direction of the brand in the future. As consumers, we must make a conscious decision to invest in our future as well as the future of our country.

* Hard Tail has sourced materials made in American mills and manufactures locally in southern California  for over 23 years. One of our top priorities is maintaining high quality products while keeping the pricing affordable for our customers. Our leggings are cotton blends, custom made and hand dyed to order.


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