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Supporting Team USA

The Olympics, the world’s largest international sports event, a time to display pride in your country.  Every two years people gather around to watch the summer athletes or winter athletes participate and compete in events on behalf of their native countries.  Many people tune in to watch their favorite sport and some people tune in to show their support.

The ultimate show of support for your country, besides competing , would be to actually attend the Olympic games. Some single event tickets can cost as little as $17 and as much as $3000. Add in lodging and travel and it becomes an expense that most people can’t afford. Ultimately most people don’t get to take part in the incredible excitement of attending the Olympics to cheer on their favorites.  So we feel that it’s a great experience for the people who can make the trip, but it isn’t the only way to support America.

Numerous companies contribute to the support of the Olympics. For the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Ralph Lauren created an entire line of American Made garb. The limited edition clothing line will provide coveted pieces for years to come. In 2016, this collection will be followed by  another American Made limited edition line for the summer Olympics.

At Hard Tail Forever, we disagree that you should wait every two years to display your American Pride or break the bank in doing so. All of our clothes and products are proudly made in the USA. Supporting and showing pride in your country can be as simple as buying what American based companies make and sell. You don’t have to put a flag on it to show your spirit, just buy American.

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