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Here’s a powerful thought we recently read: “Forgiveness helps you ditch the murky lenses that encourage you to look for flaws or examples of lack and trade them in for a shiny new perspective.”

As humans we learn by our experiences, surroundings & those we hold close. These experiences will not always be easy or pleasant and as result we may move forward carrying baggage in the form of guilt, anger & pain. By revisiting these memories, negative associations will be triggered; influencing your thoughts and present state. Without realizing it, this ‘baggage’ we take with us will bring us down and hinder us from experiencing happiness in the present.

So, wouldn’t it be a good idea to let go of the things that drag us down? Letting go begins with forgiveness; a conscious decision to let the past stay in the past. By doing so we can redirect our energy towards a more positive focus & take the first step towards a bright & happier future ahead.

(source: mindbodygreen)


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